Integrated Contracting

Structural design

The design of the structural elements of the building and the nature of its soil and the nature of the materials and the quantities of raw materials that will be used in the works in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian Code.

Implementation work

The company carries out the execution work (contracting) for it and for others, through the customer implementation section, which is completely separate from the design department and is subject to all the laws specified by the Egyptian Construction Law to facilitate dealing with the public and private sectors.

the design

Interior design - Architectural design - Structural design (concrete - metal) Types of facilities that are interested in working in the company and has long experience in them: single residential units - full residential facilities - administrative and service facilities - industrial establishments.

Interior Design

Our company carries out the internal finishing works based on our study and drawings that are implemented to reach the best that can be provided to the customer, with the possibility of providing innovative designs for some elements of finishes.

Metal construction

The company carries out many metal works which include the supply and installation of metal trusses, prefabricated buildings, doors and fences.

Exterior and interior finishes

The company executes all internal works related to residential units and offices, as well as factories and large facilities, and also executes exterior finishes according to the needs of the building and climatic conditions.

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